Why you shouldn’t fall out of love with the humble conservatory

21st April 2023

With the bad press that the humble conservatory has received in the past few days, we thought we’d stick up for our old friend and point out a few important facts!

Yes, conservatories of old with their decades-old polycarbonate roofs are definitely not fit for purpose in our new energy-conscious era.

This week, an estate agent claimed conservatories of the 1990s and early 2000s can decrease the value of your home.

However, it is not all bad news!

Even a 20-year-old conservatory can undergo a new lease of life and be brought up-to-date with a retro-fit energy efficient roof, which would then add value to your home instead of reducing it.


With Government targets on reducing CO2 emissions, and rising energy bills, we have been replacing old dated plastic roofs on conservatories for several years.

Why you should change your conservatory roof to a solid roof

EYG introduced their solid conservatory roof range around eight years ago – in response to customers asking us for a roof option which did not feel scorching in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Now, the majority of our installations on conservatory roofs feature our solid roofs, which are insulated and tiled and mean the conservatory performs like any standard room – maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature.

We have seen an increasing trend over the past eight years of our customers turning more towards flat roof extensions, conservatories and orangeries which feature our solid roof with roof lights or skypods.

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This means they achieve much better thermal performances, while still allowing plenty of natural light into their room.

“Sales and Marketing Director John Waugh said: “It is a shame that there has been some negative press about conservatories, as they haven’t really told the full story.

“The claim about decreasing house values relates purely to conservatories that are 20-plus years old and feature plastic or glass roofs which do not benefit from any of the technological advancement of the past two decades.

“Even polycarbonate roofs that are sold now are better than 20 years ago, we do a heat guard polycarbonate roof which is double-chambered and helps prevent heat gain.

“We also have ECO Save and Intelligent glass which helps with temperature-control, which are better than what was on the market 20 years ago.”

Will a conservatory add value to my house?

Experts agree that a well-built conservatory in the right materials can add value to your home.

So home owners need to ensure that they purchase from a respected supplier, they choose the roofing option that offers the best protection against extreme temperature fluctuations, and that is built to last.

Mr Waugh added: “We manufacture and install more conservatories and orangeries with solid roofs than plastic or glass, as our customers are wanting their room to hold a steady temperature and not cost much money to heat.

“Conservatories have received some unwanted criticism in the past few days, but the criticisms refer to old dated conservatories with inefficient old polycarbonate roofs.

“Contemporary conservatories and orangeries are as well constructed as an extension, with insulated roofs which retain the warmth in winter and prevent excessive solar gain in the summer.


“So don’t worry if you have a conservatory that is a bit out-dated, we can transform it by just replacing the roof, and in doing so ensure it doesn’t just decrease your home’s value, but also turns it back into a room you can fall in love with all over again.”

How easy is it to change a conservatory roof?

This typically takes just a week!

We do a survey first to ensure the base and existing window frames are strong enough to support your new heavier, more solid roof.

This is a free survey.

If the frames are not up to the job of supporting the roof we can upgrade those also.

We will then dispose of your old roof, recycling where possible.

The installation of your new solid roof is easy and hassle-free, with our expert fitters clearing up any mess after they finish.

How much is a new conservatory roof?

This varies, as we offer multiple options, either with or without flat roof lights, a lantern or Skypod roof, or just a plain and simple EPDM flat roof.


For customers who do not want to pay all at once, they can buy now and pay nothing for nine months.

A final word…

Rather than endure the disruption, mess and expense of demolishing an old conservatory, just upgrade it, and not only benefit from a new useable room in your home and reverse the fortunes of your property in the process.

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