Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

3rd May 2022

This is a question we get asked a lot, as people tend to get worried when dealing with planning regulations.

The good news is, garden building do NOT need planning permission in the vast majority of cases as they are just one storey high, and therefore under the height threshold for outbuildings.

There are a few exceptions, such as whether you live in a listed building or in a national park, but the chances are that you will not need planning permission for your garden room.

So long as your garden room is less than 10 metres by 10 metres in size, you won't need permission.


Your garden room must be sited in your back garden and not in front of your home – but nobody wants a garden room in their front garden anyway so this is never an issue.

How big can a garden room be without planning permission?

Your garden building should not exceed 50 per cent of the total space of your garden, but again, this is rarely a problem as most people do not want a garden room that would dominate their outdoor space.

If a garden room is within two metres of your neighbouring boundary, then it has to have a maximum height of 2.5 metres – but all of our designs fit into that standard measurement.

The only other stipulation is that your garden building is not a dwelling – this would require planning consent.

Do you need building regs for a garden room?


Building regulations are not needed for garden rooms, as long as it’s not attached to your main home and the floor area is less than 15 sqm.

It also does not need building regulations if it doesn’t include sleeping accommodation.

However, if you’re installing electrics, they will need to comply with part P of the Building Regulations.

EYG garden rooms have electrics installed by a certified installer, and include remote control switches so you can light up your garden room from your main house – making it easier to find your way there in the dark!

Do you need planning permission for a garden room attached to a house?

You can attach a garden room to a house but it is significantly more complicated and you will need planning permission. This will delay the speed of which you are able to buy and construct your garden room by several weeks as well.

A garden room is more suited to a detached structure, and people find they're more able to enjoy the benefits of the peace and tranquility of their garden if it is situated a little distance away from the main hub of the home.


If your garden room is to be used as a bar, keeping it away from the house will allow you to create a little bit more oise perhaps; or equally, if you live in a busy home and use your garden room as an office, you will appreciate having some space between yourself and the main house.

Can I sleep in my garden room?

You will need planning permission if you plan to use the garden room for living accommodation.

They are perfectly adequate s sleeping accommodation as they're heated and insulated - unlike a garden shed, for example.

But you will then need to consider plumbing if you want a toilet and sink installing.

EYG's garden rooms are heated and have electrics installed, which makes it a comfortable space which could be used as a granny annex, guest accommodation, or a perfect place for a teenage slumber party - but you will need planning permission for any of theses uses. We carry out a full survey of the garden prior to any work starting, and our surveyors will be able to advise about planning permission and garden rooms if your garden room use falls into this category.

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