3 reasons why you MUST replace an old plastic conservatory roof

19th March 2019

Does your home have a conservatory that looks a bit old and unloved?

Is it a room you shut off and only use for half the year?

Or does your conservatory space no longer suit your family’s needs?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you’re not alone. Thousands of homeowners have conservatories which have seen better days.

Often, there’s a good chance that an ageing polycarbonate roof is to blame.

Thankfully, you can now change the way your conservatory looks and feels with one cost-effective switch.

Here are the 3 main reasons to be drastic and get rid of the plastic…

1. It’s costing you money

No-one likes paying more than they should be – particularly when it comes to energy bills. But that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if your conservatory roof is 20 years old or more

Unfortunately, older conservatory roofs are notorious for allowing heat to escape because they were fitted with polycarbonate panels which had very few insulating properties.

Thankfully, advances in manufacturing and double-glazing technology mean it’s now easier than ever to prevent heat escaping though the roof – a proven way to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating your home.

Hybrid roof   EYG

2. It’s bad for the environment

Twenty years ago, tackling climate change wasn’t as high on the agenda as it is today. Pleasingly, we now realise that everyone needs to play their part and minimise their impact on the planet. 

By replacing your energy-consuming roof for a modern Hybrid one (pictured below) you’ll actually help the environment by lowering your power usage and reducing your carbon footprint.

Tiled roof

3. It’s limiting your lifestyle

Traditional conservatory roofs were massively inefficient. Often made from glass panes or thin sheets of polycarbonate, they were usually so poorly insulated that the room beneath was unusable for weeks at a time. 

The classic too hot in summer, too cold in winter scenario. Unfortunately, this means you never actually use it as much as you’d like to – limiting when and how you enjoy this valuable extra living space.

Modern hybrid roof   EYG

The solution…

If any of the predicaments outlined above sound familiar, it’s probably worth considering a Hybrid or tiled conservatory roof.

Modern tiled conservatory roofs (pictured above) have a superb thermal performance and will regulate the interior temperature so that it’s comfortable for use all year round.

A Hybrid roof (pictured below) acts in much the same way, using a combination of vaulted glass and powder-coated aluminium roof panels for improved insulation, whilst flooding your conservatory with natural light.


EYG's tiled conservatory roof

Some homeowners are reluctant to replace a conservatory roof with a solid option, but installing one of these new insulated versions will transform your conservatory’s appearance and revitalise the way you use this valuable living space.

Should you need expert advice, please leave your details or call 0800 181888 – our conservatory experts will be happy to help.

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