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Stunning garden room with grass roof

Vince and Linda from Lincolnshire approached EYG after scouring garden centres across the region for a suitable garden studio to replace their rotten timber summerhouse.

The couple chose EYG to build their new garden room, made from a UPVC and timber frame and clad in composite panels.

Their bespoke, insulated garden room stands at an impressive 3.5 x 4.5m - larger than most 'off the shelf' summerhouses that are available.

They opted for eye-catching Chartwell Green doors and windows, with cream cladding on the sides, and an anthracite grey base, which matched their existing garden furniture.

  • Insulated garden room

Why did they choose an EYG Garden Room?

Vince said: "We needed something as big as we already had, and because of the size of it – it is about four and a half metres by three and a half metres - there were not too many alternatives out there.

If you didn't want wood, which we didn't because the wood one we had for 12 years was rotten, there weren’t many options. Many of your competitors don't even do anything bigger than about two and a half metres square.

"So, this was the best option for us in the market. Obviously we wanted something that looked good and we wanted something that was no maintenance and this was the answer."

The summerhouse is useable all-year-round as it is insulated and heated, and the couple said they were delighted with the build. The garden room will need nothing more than an occasional wash down with soapy water. The EDPM rubber roof is long-lasting and also maintenance-free.

Garden roof with grass roof

What did we do?

We used the base from the old summerhouse which saved both time and money.

The couple wanted the new garden room to have the exact same footprint, so we constructed the UPVC and timber frame to the same size, and added the insulated roof, EDPM rubber roof, and finally a faux-grass roof, which made the garden room look more appealing from the upstairs windows.

The entire process took around two weeks.

EYG fitted the electrics and the flooring - smoothly managing the whole process from initial design through to the end result.


Garden room, garden studio, summerhouse

What did they think of the work?

Vince said: "It's wonderful. We love it.

"Lee and Carl, the fitters, were very pleasant and personable, they were great. They dismantled the old summerhouse, and they were able to use the base as it had been so well made. When they came back to fit the grass roof it only took a couple of hours. The whole process has been very smooth and it took less than two weeks to build from start to finish, including the electrics."

"We have had have birthday drinks and cakes in here and we use it for barbecues. When the sun disappears out of the garden at about 6pm in the summer, we then move in here if it goes a bit chilly outside.

"We just come in here sometimes of an afternoon. If it's not warm enough to sit outside, we can sit inside here and play cards. We read, or sit with the iPads."

The couple also love their faux grass roof, which we installed over the rubber EDPM roof.

Vince added: "It makes a big difference, a big improvement. And from our perspective of looking out of our upstairs windows, we like it better. The neighbours have joked about going up there with a deck chair next summer."

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