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Fascias and soffits may not be the most exciting home improvement you can make, but they do play a vital role in protecting your home from weather damage. More commonly referred to as 'Roofline' products by architects and builders; fascias and soffits are the boards positioned along the bottom edges of a roof where it meets the external wall of your house.

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The Benefits of Fascia and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are a quick and simple way to transform the outside of any property and give it added kerb appeal - take a look at the other benefits they can provide here!

  • Help you save money

    If your roof space becomes compromised by water and is left for months or years, the effects will become more expensive to solve

  • Protect your home from the weather

    Fascias and soffits play an important role and keep wind, rain and snow away from the timber underneath

  • Extend the lifetime of a roof

    Make your structure last longer and stop the exposed edges of the felt from deteriorating

  • Prevent water entering your roof structure

    Properly fitted roofline products will stop water ponding behind the fascia and eliminate the risk of a sagging underlay

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Learn more about Fascia and Soffits

The role of the fascia, which is fixed to a property's roof trusses, is to support the weight of the bottom row of tiles and carry all the guttering fixtures.

Traditionally, roofline products were always made from wood. Unfortunately, these timbers need regular maintenance and repainting to prevent them from rotting - because if decay does occur the whole roof structure becomes vulnerable. That is why homeowners now opt for uPVC alternatives which are durable, look good year in year out - and need little more than a wipe over.

At EYG, we do not just offer uPVC fascia and soffit replacement - we also supply and fit uPVC bargeboards, uPVC guttering and uPVC cladding. This helps to safeguard your property and puts an end to the hassle of continual maintenance. Our Roofline products will not just protect your roof timbers and brickwork from wind, rain, corrosion or the freeze and thaw cycle - they will also smarten up your property and give it added kerb appeal.

Fully protect the exterior of your home from the elements, call 0800 181888 for a no-obligation quote - or fill in an online call-back form and arrange for a complimentary design survey today!

Fascia and Soffits FAQs

How do I know if I need new fascia and soffits?

When it comes to replacing your fascia and soffits, there are four main signs of wear and tear to look out for: 1. Exposed brickwork or timber, 2. Rotting or flaking wood, 3. Peeling paintwork, 4. Watermarks

If you do see any of these, get in touch immediately - we'll be happy to visit and carry out a free roof assessment on your home. One of our fascias and soffits fitters will then provide you with a no-obligation quote and discuss what action needs to be taken to prevent the risk of further damage.

What is the role of a fascia board?

Fixed to the bottom edge of your roof, the main role of these boards is to hold the final row of roof tiles in place and stop water from entering the exposed ends of your rafters. Without these, damaging damp or rot can set in.

Made from high-quality uPVC, our fascia range is strong enough to support guttering fixing and the weight of several gallons of water per second during heavy periods of rain.

What are soffits and what do they do?

Soffits are the boards that fit between the fascia and the exterior wall of a property. Less visible, they are needed to protect the rafters from rain and moisture. They also seal the roof space so animals and birds cannot enter. Our soffits are well ventilated to prevent the build-up of damp and condensation in the roof space.

What are bargeboards and what do they do?

Fixed to the diagonal edge of a roof along the eaves of a property, bargeboards are basically fascia boards that shield timber and brickwork from wind and rain but they don't support the weight of the roof tiles or guttering.

What is dry verge capping and what does it do?

A relatively new product in terms of home improvement, this plastic capping is designed to keep tiles neatly in place at the edge of a roofline. Strong and durable, they can prevent tiles slipping and reduce the need for regular mortar replacement.

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