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Rewards of up to £400 when you recommend
EYG to a friend

If you recommend EYG to a friend, we’ll reward you with up to £400 on the completion of their order. Fill in the form below with your name and that of the person you’ve recommended us to, and press submit. Thank you for your support.

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  • Home inspiration tips
  • Competition info (we have got some great prizes lined up for this year!)

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Recommend a Friend FAQs

How can we do it?

Because we spend an average 4% from all sales towards marketing - we wish to award you with that percentage net of VAT on any sale generated with your help to show our appreciation; ie; on a £2000 order you receive £80. On a £3000 order, £120 and on a £10,000 order, £400 maximum.

When will you be paid?

You will receive a payment at the end of the month an order is fitted, in the form of a cheque.

What are the rules?

Simply fill in the form, giving both your name and address, and that of the "friend" you wish to recommend.

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for this offer, your information must arrive at EYG's head office before the prospective customer contacts us through any other source. With an eventual minimum order of £250.

You will be sent an enquiry number. This must be kept and quoted on all correspondence and claims.

No payment will be made without and enquiry number

Under no circumstances will a recommendation claim be considered after placement of your friend's order or any subsequent order after the original introductory order, or if we already have that enquiry.

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